E3 2014 Special: Randy Pitchford from Gearbox Software

The development of Halo has been shared between many developers over the years. While Bungie and 343 Industries are Halo household names, other contributing studios have left their significant mark on the Halo franchise, one of which is Gearbox Software. At E3, we had the rare privilege to sit down and talk with Randy Pitchford, President and CEO of Gearbox who helped work on Halo: CE for the PC. We had the opportunity to discuss Gearbox’s involvement with the Halo franchise and Randy’s thoughts on Halo: The Master Chief Collection. He’s still a fan of Halo and continues to produce awesome games including one of my personal favorite franchises, Borderlands. If you’re looking for a unique look at the Halo franchise or a bit of some development history behind the game that started it all, then you don’t want to miss this one.

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