Around The Ring Episode 19 – Starcraft II

Around The Ring: Episode 19Download
Well a little over a decade later, this show has finally come out! Also Starcraft II showed up. Sorry for the horrible delay, but as usual blame Dust Storm. However the wait was worth it, as we have a much nicer setup now! The show has it’s own feed, and with it’s own page possibly coming soon. This show took two takes, as the first take failed…really really hard. I still was able to salvage some funny bloopers from it, so it wasn’t a total waste. Note: Porta-potty != TARDIS. There’s a little wind noise, and some noise with me fiddling with my headset at certain points, but it’s not too bad. I cleaned the worst of it out. Other than that it’s up to the usual audio standard. I also officially introduce the new theme song! Credits can be found in the comments tag of the .mp3 file, and if it happens, the show page. You can view the album art at full size by opening the image.

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