Around The Ring Episode 18 – Alien Swarm

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Hello again listeners! Yet another late episode, this time it’s been held up by issues with the feed change, and my own life getting busy. Stuff is still being pulled together, so bear with us. This one is about the free Valve game Alien Swarm, available exclusively on Steam. It’s a lot of fun, and seeing as it comes with a full SDK you should be expecting a lot of fun custom content. In addition in talking about the game, we also talk about the Half Life 2: Episode 3 content found in the game files.

We got a little off topic on this show…I’ll try to cut down on that, funny as it is. No show-notes again, actually we didn’t use any…I’m surprised it went as well as it did. It’s not like we had to record and patch in an entire section that we forgot. I have no idea how, but this show clocked in at …I’ll try to keep future shows on track so they don’t end up as long.

Credits for Creative Commons licensed music can be found in the show comments, or show-notes.

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