Around The Ring Episode 17 – Team Fortress 2 Engineer Update

Around The Ring: Episode 17Download
It’s time for another show! Once again held up in delivery because SOMEBODY never replies to their IMs. Nobody submitted…so it’s your fault we ran out of stuff to talk about. This one is about the update that the Engineer class in Team Fortress 2 received. This show took two takes, but in total with the mishap only took three hours to record. The funnier bits from the failed first take come in at the very start, so you’ll hear those before the actual show starts. Have fun with that intro. Guests on the show include Alchanii, who you’ll remember from the last show we did, and our very own Painkilla who now hosts the Gamer1 podcast. In this episode, we discuss the engineer update, Funnyboy drinks some green tea, and Painkilla levels up in World of Warcraft. It clocks in at 84:47, so you’ll have plenty of fun. 6 minutes of bloopers. No show-notes this week, there’s really nothing much in them. You can look at the album art by clicking on the image, it’s 600X600.


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