Twelve Things about Hunt the Truth Season Two


Earlier today, Time released a preview into season two of Hunt the Truth, which begins tomorrow, September 22nd.  We’ve learned that FERO will be the host of this podcast that will have fewer, but longer episodes that picks up where Ben left off.  For the rest of the information Time learned when talking with Frank O’Connor, Noah Eichen and, Janina Gavankar that didn’t make it into the preview piece, here are the twelve things they learned about season two:

  1. We find out more about Ben straightaway
  2. Season two is partly a meditation on perspective
  3. And it scales up quicker
  4. It deals with why no one’s asked the questions Ben asked until now
  5. Unlike season one, season two was completely written before recording
  6. Part of FERO’s persona evolved out of technical necessity
  7. Mark Hamill got involved simply because he liked the story
  8. And he initially pitched his character with an Eastern European accent
  9. Season two is a ‘brilliant emotional space odyssey’
  10. The series was cast with gender-nonspecific roles
  11. At least one of Hunt the Truth‘s characters may be lurking in Halo 5
  12. And season two ties into stuff we’ll see in the next Halo

For more details on these twelve items, check out the Time article here.

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