HUNT the TRUTH – A Hairline Fracture


The mystery continues after two different outcomes of the same scenario are played for the world to see. Master Chief and Agent Locke, both at the mercy of the other, but whose story is true, or is either true at all.  Following the primer episode, the first episode of Hunt the Truth by war journalist and photographer Benjamin Giraud reveals some innocent stories of John’s childhood growing up in Elysium City on Eridanus II.  Most of the interviews were solid; a nice foundation for an origin story to fit the Master Chief perfectly, until a loose thread appears and begins to bring questions to mind. That loose thread, the death record of John at the age of six (see below).


This begins a chain of events, so we’re told by Ben, that begins an unraveling of findings in his hunt for the truth behind the Master Chief.  You can hear his interview with Deon Govender, one of John’s elementary school teachers, Ellie Bloom, one of John’s childhood friends, and Thomas Wu in Episode One.

The assignment from sent to Ben from Michael Sullivan, or Sully as you may know him from Forward Unto Dawn, gives him a lineup of interviewees and access to ONI data to perform the background collection of data on the Master Chief to put together a big campaign in a matter of five weeks.  That isn’t a long time to perform a thorough background profile from interviews alone for the greatest soldier in human history, but with the interviews lined up, the story should be pretty easy to break… if he stayed within the lines.


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