We made MLG, at least a picture.

ODST at MLG Dallas For those watching the stream last night, you’ll know that ODST was the big attraction of the night. GLewis, Brent and I got on main stage off to the left of the player booths and got into a few nice pics on MLGPro.com. This one is Brian Jarrard from Bungie who I actually got to talk to during the ODST event. You can find more pictures at MLGPro.com We’re having tons of fun and we’re throwing videos up on livestream as fast as we can. Be sure to keep watching as once there’s enough videos up, those will be the only ones playing and we want to see what you think in the chat.

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6 Responses to We made MLG, at least a picture.

  1. Arbitation says:

    So jealous of you right now, Dust Storm.


  2. razza 119 says:

    when is the next mig update out?

  3. Scarface_Spartan says:

    Can someone name the people in the picture?

  4. ChuckieJ says:

    MLG Player Strongside, Bungie Employee Brian Garrard, DustStorm, GLewis and peeking out behind Dusty is BrentGamer

  5. Fungus Oz says:

    U spelled Brian Jarrad wrong:)

  6. Dust Storm says:

    No I didn’t. His name is spelled correctly.

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