Vote for Podtacular in the Riot Halo Community Awards!

The Riot podcast, formerly known as Wiki Riot, is hosting their own 2006 Halo community awards, and your community is nominated! We’re nominated under Biggest Community Contributor (Clan/Website) and JVB and I are nominated for Best Halo Contribution. So head on over and vote! Thanks to Sigafoos for the heads up. Now’s your chance to tell the greater Halo community that Podtacular rocks!

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3 Responses to Vote for Podtacular in the Riot Halo Community Awards!

  1. Rist peblo says:

    Best Social Site: Halo 3 Webring

    Most Active Competitive Clan: The Halo 2 Junkies

    Best Matchmaking Gametype: Ninja Assault

    Best Montage: thehalogod – Stick to Your Roots

    Best Machinima Clan/Group: Hollywood Halo

    Best Video (Non Montage): Frequency – imSuck

    Biggest Halo News: Public Halo 3 Beta

    Biggest Community Contributor (Individual): Louis Wu (HBO)

    Biggest Community Contributor (Clan/Website): Podtacular

    Best Halo Contribution: Podtacular (foo mo jive and JVB)

    [b]I REALLY think we got ripped off for the “most active competitive clan. Not only have we beaten everyone but Halo2.junk, but the Winged Warriors only have like 8 people in the entire clan! COME ON![/b]

  2. Mexicutioner says:


    I agree, we are definitely the most competitive and active clan.

  3. gamechaser002 says:

    not only podtacular, but Rooster Teeth with RvB

    come on, their almost at episode 90 in season 5…best news for me was H2Vista though…

    and i voted for ya…

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