“Video Game Addiction”

Welcome back for our second roundtable episode. This weeks topic was about “Video Game Addiction”, which was inspired by a recent article about how the American Medical Association is investigating whether or not to include videogame addiction as a mental disorder. When we saw this, we just knew we had to go all out for this show, so we brought in some of our friends from all around the gaming community. Join us as we give you our points of view about how gamers can be perceived as addicts. And thank you to all our special guests that came on for this amazing discussion.


JVB – Podtacular

Vicious696 – Uncle Gamer

Liquilife – Uncle Gamer

Duff – Gamercast Network

Godfree – Gamertag Radio

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5 Responses to “Video Game Addiction”

  1. Duffman X18 says:

    A lot of good points made here. It’s good to see people standing up for gamers, even if they themselves are gamers. :) Very funny, by the way.

  2. plasma qrenades says:

    I used to be addicted to halo 2 but i decided to change and i dont play nearly as much anymore…Im still trying to work off the effects it had on my health in the 2 years i played almost daily

  3. The 400s says:

    this was great and had a lot of good points,
    neck meat lol :P

  4. Duffman X18 says:

    You know what’s cool? This was on the news, and my mom was watching, so we started talking about this, and I was able to use some of the arguments given by you guys to prove my point that i am not addicted to video games. Thanks. :)

  5. JVB says:


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