Tied the Leader Gives Back to Veterans

The Tied the Leader gaming community recently announced their first donation to the Azalea Charities, which support combat wounded war veterans. Within only seven months, TTL has been able to raise $500 from planned events, direct donations, and profits from sold merchandise.

The announcement was posted up on the Tied the Leader Blog, the vocal outlet for the TTL Community. In this announcement, David Dague [XerxdeeJ], talks about the Tied the Leader Foundation, and it’s mission and goal. “The Tied the Leader Foundation was created to give back to those from whose culture we borrow so very frequently. It’s a means of offering our humblest thanks to the people that make the safety of our couches their personal responsibility,” said David.

The TTL Foundation is not politically driven, and has no political affiliation. As mentioned by David, “We seek not to make a statement about the virtue of war – or the ones currently being fought. Instead, we seek to recognize the sacrifice of the people who march when the order is given, and to help them when they fall.”

For the full announcement, mission statement for the TTL Foundation, and information about the Tied the Leader community, and the Azalea Charity visit the following links.

Announcement | Tied the Leader Foundation Mission | Azalea Charities AWS

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3 Responses to Tied the Leader Gives Back to Veterans

  1. Tarheels32 says:

    That’s incredible. God Bless all who donate and TTL.

  2. styles clash says:

    yea that is a great thing they are doing to support our troops. God bless them

  3. a surly hobo says:

    Great job TTL. I hope your future efforts are even more successful.

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