The Godtacular Bible study returns!

After a long hiatus and some soul searching, Godtacular is being revived. What is Godtacular? It’s a Bible study done in a Halo 2 lobby. ChuckieJ will be hosting it and I’ll be hangin’ there too. What are we going to talk about? This time it’s a discussion-oriented study called “Setting you free to make right choices.” It’s pretty sweet because instead of just listening to someone talk, everyone gets to participate. Do you have to be a Christian to get in? Nah, even if you’re just curious about God, an atheist, another religion, or if you’ve been away from God for a while, you’re welcome to join us if we have room. We won’t judge you.

For more information and to request an invite check out the Godtacular forum topic.

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  1. The_TANK says:

    This is areguably one of the best things to do for this website. Great job in bringing faith into gaming guys.

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