The big night is here!

We should be facing Bungie tonight in the humpday challenge. For those participating or available on standby, here’s the plan. It will start at 11pm EST. The 2nd and 3rd games will obviously start later. If you’re scheduled for those matches, keep in mind you’ll get an invite a while after 11pm. If you’re on the challenge team, you should probably get online to warm up an hour early or so. We suggested playing Low Hill, Counter Strike, and 1 Flag CTF Fast Lockout with touch return. Practice those games with others from the challenge team if you can.

One thing I do not want to do is keep Bungie waiting. So if you’re on the 1st string or on standby, I expect you to be ready to accept an invite on a moment’s notice. If it goes over 30 seconds I will already be looking for a replacement. We won’t be waiting for your matchmaking games to finish. If you have any more questions, let me know. I’ll be taping the match with a camera on a tripod so hopefully we can make that available on the site. It’s gonna be awesome!

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  1. Unr3alChi3f says:

    comment by cabuse12:
    Foo mo,
    My friend taught me this.
    If your filming your TV, then don’t. what you can do is use your VCR and plug in the video, audio, and audio 2. put in a video tape and press the record button on your VCR and bingo. you’ll need a video converter though which is the only problem. Good luck tonight.

    Note, it only picks up speaker sound, NOT MIC SOUND.

    >>well, if you change the options to mixed or speakers only for the xbox communicator, you should have mic sound working, its just that you might hear foo mo’s voice…

  2. Pedro Taco says:


    I’m so excited! I hope I get to play…

    Good luck, guys!

  3. Chevelle65 says:

    (In Arnold voice)


    I’m detecive John Cambell….

    I’m a cop you IDIOT!

  4. Dialpex says:

    hahahah OMG man.. the day has come.. i cannot wait…!!!!! Bungie..!!! here we come…

  5. Painkilla05 says:

    Camera on a tripod lol thats gonna be beast quality.

  6. Dialpex says:

    Ohh yeah… Foo Mo’s HD recording. Call now 206 888 HALO and ask for our tripod Hand Camera package… lol… jk Foo Mo… couldn’t resist painkillas comment…

  7. noradseven says:

    not just any quality Trump quality

  8. spartan1118 says:

    Humpday through the eyes of Foo Mo Jive.

  9. foomojive says:

    Only way I could do it. the camera doesn’t have input jacks. I don’t have a capture card. I don’t have RCA jacks on my computer. and even if I had all this, how would I get my voice and the tv output on one recording? I’d have to speak into two mics. I tested the recording and it’s better than nothing because no one else has a capture card.

  10. Dialpex says:

    Foo Mo.. you know we’re just teasing ya… This is a great moment… if it’s a pic on pre-game lobby… we have to take it.. So.. Thanks for recording..!!!!

  11. face head says:

    YOUR REECORDING IT!!!OMFG YES!!!!! i want the dvd..special edition dvd..laser disk.. specail edition laser disk..Frankie crying when he loses… also on vhs.

  12. cabose12 says:

    Foo mo,
    My friend taught me this.
    If your filming your TV, then don’t. what you can do is use your VCR and plug in the video, audio, and audio 2. put in a video tape and press the record button on your VCR and bingo. you’ll need a video converter though which is the only problem. Good luck tonight.

    Note, it only picks up speaker sound, NOT MIC SOUND.

  13. Painkilla05 says:

    Yea really. We owe it all to you Foo.

  14. jburton90 says:

    Congrats to everybody who will participate. I wish I was there. Ohh well. Good luck to you all!!!!!

  15. QualityJeverage says:

    I’m on Standby and I’ll be there!

    I’ll just hang out in Matchmaking if you guys need me. And if an invite comes my way, I’ll be there in ten seconds flat. Screw Matchmaking, this is Bungie we’re talkin’ about!

  16. jburton90 says:

    Yeah, ill create these games and play them within the day. Around maybe 8 to 11. So if you wanna play, most of you have my g/t.

  17. Pedro Taco says:

    Maybe you could test the quality of by recording a mock game…

  18. Sh4rdy says:

    Hey guys ill be on tonight if u need someone to face against to give you guys a little practice. And for all that aren’t going to be on tonight i am going to use my capture card to get footage of yes the all mighty looking at Foomo’s info when you click on his name to send a msg lol. I am going to get the scrolling of each name so you can atleast see actual proof of Bungie playing Podtacular. Good luck guys and ill be on tonight so if none of the guys on stand by end up being reliable ill be there for backup reserve lol.

  19. Daa Wheeze says:

    Lets win this for bragging rights! Bring honor to podtacular!

  20. Unr3alChi3f says:

    Best of luck for all of those playing!!!

  21. SyKoTiC721 says:

    If i’m not mistaken, Sh4rdy has a capture card, you may want to ask him…also even though i’m not in a pod clan, i was a loooong time ago. If it comes down to it i’ll sub…i’m up all night so i’ll be fine. Also i’m a lvl 41 legit =D!

  22. QualityJeverage says:

    The subs have already been chosen, there are about 12 I think.

  23. immortalthree says:

    i’ll be on all night, just send me an invite if you need me.

  24. Painkilla05 says:

    Yea sh4rdy has a card. Let him be your first pick if you need a reserve.

  25. Sil3nT71 says:

    good luck guys.

  26. Chevelle65 says:

    4 more hours…. woot!

  27. face head says:

    if u win guys…i’ll get all A’s….if you dont win..i’ll get all A -‘s..SO WIN

  28. spudmonkey says:

    man this is exciting, foo mo and JVB will kick as… butt :) I’ll be watching from foo’s name on my friends list. lol i know its cheap. reading instead of hearing instead of seeing *sigh*lame…

  29. Sgt Sharpie says:

    foo, ill be sitting there in a lobby waiting, so just shoot me an invite, ill be there instantly

  30. Sugar Daddie says:

    I just wanna wish you guys the best of luck tonight. I hope you guys wipe the floor with bungie.
    And I cant wait to see the vid!
    Good luck Podtacular!

  31. Sgt Sharpie says:

    hey foo, if bungie will let us, ask them if they will play 5 games to allow more guys from the site the opportunity to play

  32. mathsucks004 says:

    what if bungie, mod or stand by    you should ask if you can play games “just for fun” after, and send some people invites

  33. QualityJeverage says:

    Bungie’s got a tight schedule guys. Remember this is their job, and they’ve got a game to make. They can’t spend all night playing customs with the fans.

    I’m honoured to be on the reserve list, Whether I actually get to play or not.

  34. A Oompa Loompah says:

    Good luck guys, kick some butt.

  35. Unr3alChi3f says:

    if you lose, congratulations, you have now joined the grounded clan…

  36. KP says:


  37. QualityJeverage says:

    Ohhhhhhh. Dat’s beef KP.

  38. Stealth Zealot says:

    What would happen if we won? Do we get anything? =) Anywayz(kinda my favorite word), if you get a some great moments in those matches, could you put it on podtacular so we could all download it? (the first thing i would do is put it on my PSP so i could watch it ANYWHERE)

  39. immortalthree says:

    ooooo KP wants it…..

  40. QualityJeverage says:

    Yeah KP. If I end up being called on tonight, you’ll be square in my sights…

  41. Cryptosporidium-137 says:

    ZOMFG, good luck guys

  42. jburton90 says:

    Yeah KP, thats cold. If we win could we negotiate an official Podtacular episode devoted to making Podtacular the “official” halo podcast. Maybe having some bungie people on the show would be cool.

  43. sharpshot15 says:

    Good luck guys!!!

  44. face head says:


  45. SoggyLongbottom says:

    we’d have too pwn um big time tho

  46. Crockpot77 says:

    Good luck!

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