The Art of Podcasting Panel at RTX

On Sunday, July 7th at 16:00, Dust Storm will be hosting a panel on podcasting at RTX.  It will cover topics such as how to make your podcast sound like a quality show while maintaining and entertaining an audience.    See the following snippet from the panel description.

Podcasting is one of the easiest ways to spread your brands, communities, and ideas; yet many podcasts miss basic principles that lead to a better listening experience for subscribers and attracting new audiences. While some of these are related to content within a show, a majority are technical and don’t require too much effort. Do you run a podcast where you are looking to increase your audience or take the next step in advancing your podcast? Are you interested in starting a podcast and want to know where to start? We’ll cover technical tips to bring new quality to your podcasts and how to talk about what you want to share on your show while maintaining your own style.

Panelists will also include Goosechecka from Grifballhub, Road Block from Glib Shark, and Lindsay from Rooster Teeth.

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  1. Soccersac says:

    Hey Dusty do you know if this will be streamed or anything like some of the other panels? Or am I just going to have to wallow in sadness for not being able to go to RTX this year.

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