Support Extra Life 2013

Extra Life 2013

Extra Life is a yearly charity event where thousands of gamers rally up for a full day of gaming to support the Children’s Miracle Network of hospitals. Gamers rally for their fans to donate to the cause and some even give away things on their streams. Even though the event has started and people streaming, you can still give to the causes. Here are some ones of interest if you’re in the mood for helping kids.

Allissasaurus: Support Extra LifeTwitch Stream
RoosterTeeth: Support Extra Life: Team | Cool CaitiRoosterTeeth Stream via YouTube
PMS Pandora’s Hope: Support Extra Life: Team | Almighty MoaTwitch Stream
The Vowel (e): Support Extra LifeTwitch Stream
Destiny Community (Lead by Guardians of Destiny): Support Extra LifeTwitch Stream

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