Season News Playoffs – Week 4

Okay, so here we are! Week 4 and podtacular Season Play offs are about to start.

First and foremost I’d like to congratulate all of those that were involved in this season and all of those that participated in any way. Thank you so much guys for all of you support, time and effort to make this tournament happen. This could have not happened if it wasn’t for you.

Now a big thank you for all of the teams that are in the play offs. Thanks for taking this serious, playing your matches and making the effort. I really appreciate you all.

So, now is the time to see which teams are better prepared skilled and mentally wise. It’s time to get these games to a different level of competition where only the best teams will stand and fight for a spot in the finals. So get ready and make this play off worth your journey here.

Be sure to click on the Brackets link at the top of this page to check out who your team is playing.

As we had slayer games last week, this week we will kick off our BEST OF 5 GAMES play offs with objective games. Please follow the following order:

  • MLG KoTH on Construct
  • MLG TS on The Pit
  • MLG GB CTF on Onslaught
  • MLG TS on Revert
  • MLG Ball on Guardian

Well this is it, so get ready for another great week at the podtacular season.

For all of you that are wondering where the Weekly Top 10 is, due to the lack of clips, we are going to be releasing a Top 10 for the entire season. Don’t worry, all your awesome top ten clips aren’t going any where, we just don’t have enough of them to be making a top ten every week. So please keep submitting them to Arc Blu.

Thanks again and congratulations to all the teams. Good luck everyone!

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