Podtacular’s Holiday 2016 Halo Gear Giveaway

Celebrate the holidays with Podtacular with seven days of Halo Gear giveaways! There has been a lot of cool gear that has come out over the past few months shown off on Halo Waypoint, Halo Livestreams and conventions. We’re passing down some of these merch items down to our fans. The giveaway is being run through Gleam.io with several ways to get entries for the daily giveaways. Here’s what we’re offering!

Day 1: Xbox Live 3-month Subscription and $10 Code

xbox-giftcard-10 xbox-subscription-3

Day 2: Hot Wheels: UNSC Warthog & Tyco Halo Warthog Light Reconnaissance RC Vehicle

tyco-halo-warthog hotwheels-unsc-warthog

Day 3: Halo and Podtacular T-shirts (winner may select tee from official store under $22)

jinx-halo-tee podtacular-shirt

Day 4: Covenant Plasma Grenade and Grunt Plush

grunt-plushie plush-plasma-grenade

Day 5: Halo Official Ugly Christmas Sweater


Day 6: Dark Horse Pax Prime Exclusive Banshee (Silver)


Day 7: Halo 5: Guardians Limited Collector’s Edition


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