Podtacular’s 10 Year Anniversary RTX Reunion Party Fundraiser


This year marks our 10 year anniversary being a Halo community and podcast and we’re celebrating at RTX this year.  At RTX, you’ll be able to meet all the current Podtacular staff and some of the original, familiar faces like foomojive and Spelchek at our panel.  Details are still up in the air on when our panel will be, but in addition to the panel, we’re looking to throw a reunion party, reserving a place for the Podtacular and Halo community to come and share Halo stories with one another.  To achieve this, we need your help! We’ve launched an Indiegogo Fundraiser to help cover the costs of producing Podtacular swag: t-shirts, lanyards, wristbands, etc. and funding for us to rent out a restaurant for an evening during RTX.  We will have special giveaways for those in attendance at our panel and the party but don’t fret if you can’t make it.  We have some great perks to go along with our fundraiser and have been graciously supplied with some Halo goodies from 343 Industries for us to give away on stream.  For full details behind our campaign, check out the announcement video below and head over to http://www.podtacular.com/indiegogo to donate today.

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