Podtacular Season – News Update

As the first week of the season is being played out, i would like to come and mention a few points that will help with some questions surrounding some of our players.

First of all, the host rule. As many of you know, the host rules is not nearly as bad in Halo 3 as it used to be in Halo 2. Due to that fact we leave up to the teams of the season and their common sense to pick the first host and also choose the colors (Red or Blue). Therefore when doing those things, please be courteous and let’s avoid unneeded fights and arguments. Do a quick host check and jump into the fun. All right?!?

Second, i would like to address some changes made by MLG to some of our maps. They can be found [url=http://www.mlgpro.com/?q=node/204656]HERE AT THIS LINK[/url]. Since we’re not using Onslaught this week, im not really worried about that. However in case Onslaught is being used next week, be sure to download the most up to date version or it.
Now for “The Pit” the change they made to it is very minor and i won’t hold teams accountable for downloading the most updated version or playing in the previous one. If you have the updated version, GREAT… if not, then not really a big deal. Just be sure to download and use it for upcoming weeks OR TILL V5 IS RELEASED. Which is when we will be switching the maps and gametypes to the most updated version.

Also just a reminder, be fair when schedulling your matches and try to make an effort with your team mates and oponents. Let’s make this easier on all of us.

Have a great rest of the week and be sure to PM me your results using the format described in the [url=http://podtacular.com/node/6749]Season Update 1[/url]

Thanks again and Keep on Fraggin’ Trucks!

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