Podtacular Heat Lamp: Painkilla05

This month BrentGamer sits down with Painkilla05, famous internet DJ and IRC(Internet Relay Chat) op. Find out what’s up with Podtacular’s IRC channel, his awesome podcast Podtacular Radio, and whether he works better than tylenol.

BrentGamer says: How life in the Podtacular IRC going?

Painkilla05 says: You know, everyday stuff. Talking to the IRC general visitors and kicking DM7000 out every so often for telling us what song he’s playing.

BrentGamer says: How did you become the “Mod” of the Podtacular IRC?

Painkilla05 says: Well when the IRC just started I wanted it to be really active. One day, me and TFD were just chillin’ and KP joins. He offers to register the channel and give us a bot. I of course say “Yes Please!”. I also am responsible for naming our bot “Fraggy”. Soon after we started getting idiots and spammers so KP needed someone to control the channel when he wasn’t around. And so since I’m in the IRC 24/7 he gave me the responsibility

BrentGamer says: How did you find out about Podtacular?

Painkilla05 says: The first time I ever heard of it was around episode 1 or 2 when it was first announced on Bungie. I was thinking, “Wow, this looks like a great community!” and got involved. I remember my first tip I sent in Spelchek forgot my name.

BrentGamer says: What is your favorite Halo 2 moment?

Painkilla05 says: My favorite moment was probably standing on top of the machine on Waterworks and throwing a sticking all the way into a base through that whole in the top and thus sticking them.

BrentGamer says: How is Pod Radio going?

Painkilla05 says: Podradio is going OK. Currently I’m trying to get school work done but as soon as that’s out of the way everyone will be rewarded with leet electric bliss.

BrentGamer says: Anything special happening for Pod Radio in the future?

Painkilla05 says: None that I can think of. Their isn’t really much I can add since its just a radio show. I did however make a Myspace for it.

BrentGamer says: Final Question: Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew?

Painkilla05 says: I’ll have to go with Mountain Dew. Nothing quenches my thirst and fuels my brain better than the caffeine enriched Dew. However if their was a third Id have to go with Monster. You can’t beat something thats twice Red Bull and the same price!

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12 Responses to Podtacular Heat Lamp: Painkilla05

  1. Dialpex says:

    Nice Job PK and Brent!

  2. Algebra Cow says:

    Good Job Brent. This was hilarious.

  3. Redotonur4head says:

    That would be a sweet stick…lol.

  4. Mexicutioner says:

    Yeah seriously, a stick from that far. WOW.

  5. Painkilla05 says:

    Yea. It was a totally random nade. Thanks alot Brent!

  6. Killazilla says:

    Painkilla does the dew! Awesome stick man i wish i could have seen it.

  7. GLewis says:

    oh skeet skeet. Nice interview brent

  8. TFD says:

    nice brent

  9. Chevelle65 says:

    cool brent. I heart painkillER….lol

  10. Tarheels32 says:


  11. Uhh Negative says:

    PK you are my hero. Please don’t kick me out when I tell you what song im listening to. haha.

  12. Painkilla05 says:

    Fool of a took!

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