Podtacular gamerscore leaderboard reaches 500,000!

Looks like some people have been busy on their Xbox360s. The Podtacular leaderboard on mygamercard.net has reached a cumulative total of half a million gamerpoints. Wow! If you’d like to be added to the list, be sure to send a private message to Woof1989, the guy who maintains this leaderboard. Thanks, Woof! Think we can make it to a million by the end of 2007? More talk in the forums.

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2 Responses to Podtacular gamerscore leaderboard reaches 500,000!

  1. BrentGamer says:

    With all of the AAA-Blockbuster title like Mass Effect, GTA 4, and Halo 3 coming out for the 360 this year, I have no doubt in my mind that we’ll bust through the 1 Million Point mark by the end of 2007.

  2. Killazilla says:

    Who’s first on the leaderboard in GRAW 2 and R6: V? oh yeah thats right: Me.

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