Podtacular Face Off

Dust Storm, Nobudy and GLewis have set up a really cool community project called Podtacular Face Off. It’s a series of 1v1 events in the forums with video highlights for all to see. To participate or check it out, take a look at their forum section. In the mean time here’s a promo video:

Read on for another video showing the first face off match!

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7 Responses to Podtacular Face Off

  1. atlrichard77 says:

    oooohhh ya im the first one. pretty cool it needs to be longer. And there should be priviews of the next one.

  2. Dust Storm says:

    How can we do previews if no games are played? These videos will come out before the next week of play so there is absolutely no way to do that. Yes, it should be longer, but we didn’t have many games the first week.

  3. KILLswitch41 says:

    How do you sign up?

  4. marooner says:

    Wow, great video!

  5. azn_dude1 says:

    I love those double beatdowns that me and Moose did… when you put them into a montage like that, I realize that how many there were… great job

  6. Dust Storm says:

    Yea, you had quite a few of them, so they kinda fit together.

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