On10.net! Featuring Uncle Gamer Radio and Podtacular!

“You know we like to show the xbox love around here. Today, I’m bringing you Parris Lilly from uncle gamer radio and Joe Betancourt from podtacular.”
Thank you Tina Wood..:-)

Check out the video here

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8 Responses to On10.net! Featuring Uncle Gamer Radio and Podtacular!

  1. JVB says:

    Im such a link NuB.

  2. CapnKrunk says:

    Man, JVB, you’re just taking the world by storm, huh? :D

    That’s really cool, man, to see you and Vicious (and all those other guys too) get to take part in that whole event and get a peek at how MS likes to work with the gaming community. We’re proud of ya, bro!

  3. JVB says:

    Thanks Crunk. I was honored to represent all of Podtacular.

  4. drtw says:

    Oh my gosh! JVB on video! Christmas comes early for me!

  5. foomojive says:

    great job JVBizzle!

  6. Gemini Ace says:

    I watched that whole thing and didn’t see Tina Wood once. What a rip!

    Just kidding. Great job guys!

  7. Stooch says:

    I always thought JVB was just a 2D figure with a sexy voice…guess I was wrong.

    Great work guys!

  8. chuckiej says:

    Yeah. that was awesome JVB. Thanks for doing that. As a video guy, I wish it had been two cameras, and it would switch to Tina when she spoke. Still, you and Uncle Gamer did great and it was cool seeing you guys together.

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