Noble 6 Avatar Helmet Give Away

We have received a Noble 6 Avatar Helmet code to give away to you guys. If you haven’t gotten one yet, here’s your chance. Here’s the challenge: play the campaign level “Lone Wolf” (the one after the credits) on heroic with no skulls on. The person that can last the longest will win the code. To enter, play the level and upload the film of your attempt to your fileshare. Then send a link to it along with your gamertag to with “Noble 6 Avatar Challenge” in the subject line. The person with the longest time (excluding cut-scenes) will win. Only one entry per person is allowed. Anyone who submits multiple entries will be disqualified. Good luck.

Deadline is Saturday, October 9th at 21:00 Eastern.

UPDATE: Congratulations to porkchop547 for winning the code.

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3 Responses to Noble 6 Avatar Helmet Give Away

  1. Uzumaki15 says:

    Awesome I’m gonna do this

  2. Noobamasher48 says:

    I hope I can do this

  3. The Gamer28 says:

    When my friend said that was going to happen at the end, i didn’t want to believe him. you have now confirmed that doubt that was inside of me. lol. I will be doing this.

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