My East Coast Excursion

Everyone probably noticed that we haven’t done anything on the site within the last two weeks, with good reason.  I have been traveling the East Coast visiting some fellow podcasters and taking a vacation.  In a nutshell, I got to go to New York and visit Chris Burke, aka. Damian Lacedamian from This Spartan Life and Kete from The Running Riot.  I was planning to see JVB, but he’s a busy man.  Next stop was Florida where I got to meet Podtacular founder foomojive in Orlando and Community Godfather ChuckieJ in Gainesville.  For pictures and more, check out the forums.

We will be resuming our show this week with talks about ATLAS, Custom Challenges, and the updates we’ve seen to Waypoint and matchmaking.

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4 Responses to My East Coast Excursion

  1. Soccersac says:

    No stop in GA Dusty? :P
    Can’t wait for the new episode!

  2. Glewis says:

    I see you couldn’t stop by Georgia on your way from New York to Florida.

  3. Randomslurpiness says:

    Hey Dusty, been listening for a long time since episode 29, can’t wait to listen to your new episode.
    Keep up the good work!!!!

  4. Kete says:

    Where are the pics in the forums?

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