MLG Update – Final Boss

As no doubt many of you MLG fans have heard, Walshy was dropped from the team earlier this week, thus meaning that they only had three members. Final Boss was soon on to Str8 Rippin and stealing Neighbor from them, that’s right Neighbor has left Str8 Rippin to Join Final Boss. Whether Final Boss has had him in mind for a while and have been planning to drop Walshy we just don’t know the official reason that they split up. This now means that Str8 Rippin only have three members in there team, who will be filling this gap? Will it be Walshy? We will just have to wait and see what happens in the next few days.

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3 Responses to MLG Update – Final Boss

  1. El En 5 says:

    Walshy has joined instinct. . .
    AND, xXx is the new coach of Instinct, i’m wondering haw this will do at toronto

  2. Cryptoflix says:

    Yeah it will be kool to see how he does at instinct, would be nice to see him fit in well there.

  3. MadGecko says:

    so right now it looks like Snipedown went to Str8 to fill in 4 neighbor, who went to FB. Mackeo and Victory X are both free agents, so i can see them teaming together (but with who? im not sure) their spots on Instinct were filled with Walshy and Soviet… so i can see a big performance from them, especially with xXx as coach. then again, what was it with final boss and coaches? they never seemed to do any better or worse with them. could it have been cause of dave pulling double duty? who knows… we will have to wait and see

    lammy is the coach of Str8, fyi

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