Join the Cause: Fight Back for Podtacular

I agree 100% with everything CapnKrunk says about some of the recent tomfoolery in the community. He pointed out some activity that needs to stop. If you’re like me, we’re not interested in these silly teenage politics, but we are interested in making Podtacular a fun and friendly place where people can make friends and play Halo. Consider this a last stand to make Podtacular what it should be. If you’re a part of the solution, if you’re with us, help me raise the banner and fight back with everything we’ve got… the right way. This is OUR community! Read on to see what weapons you have in your arsenal.

Podtacular: The Next Generation

Are you relatively new here? Or maybe you’ve been around podtacular and you’d like a fresh start? I’d like to personally welcome you to the new podtacular, starting right now. You and I are here to make podtacular a fun place to be or we wouldn’t be here. If you’re willing to rally to the cause and let out a fierce battlecry, you my friend are podtacular. You and I can make this a community that is friendly, welcoming, active, fun, and won’t stand for any bullcrap. We can make this the kind of place you want to tell your friends about, the kind of place you’re proud to be a part of. How do we do it?

Kill ‘Em With Kindness

This is our fight. Here are your weapons. It starts by getting together with others that are part of the solution. Find friends at podtacular that are cool and put them on your friends list. Join Halo 3 parties and build friendships and teams. Talk on the forums, exchange emails, IM addresses, even skype usernames and phone numbers if you want. We need to fight together as a unit if we’re going to make this happen.

Once we’ve made this community, we need to be welcoming to others. Look for the new people that post there and invite them to join in. Send them friend requests and invites, get them involved in conversations on the forums and such. That’s how the movement grows, by showing people that we can be welcoming and friendly. If you want to, join or start projects or groups together, but that’s just icing on the cake. The important thing is to focus on the basics by building strong friendships and welcoming new people.

No Bullcrap Policy

It’s time to step it up and keep the bullcrap out of the community. Warriors, we have to be careful here. We are not the bullcrap police. Don’t go walking around looking for it, that’s like standing by and shouting out where the enemies are when you are needed in the battle. Your fight is listed above, building friendships and welcoming others to the cause. But if you step in some crap along the way, let us know and we’ll get it picked up quickly. Let us know if you see a post on the forums or elsewhere in the community that’s part of the problem. Which brings me to a warning to the bulls with diarrhea.

Last Chance

If you’ve been talking crap, you better take some verbal pepto bismol right quick. For those of you that are not happy here for some reason or another and just love to tell everyone about what you hate about me or podtacular or Dialpex or whatever, feel free to either start being part of the solution or get the f*** out. If you think you can ignore us and we’ll ignore you like it’s been in the past, think again. This is the new podtacular, and when you do these things, you threaten our spirit of friendship. If you take a dump on our community one more time, we will kick your whiny ass right out the door without a second thought. I don’t care how long you’ve been here or what you’ve done in the past to help out or your level of leadership or how many friends you have here, this ends NOW or we will end it for you. No exceptions. My patience is at an end.

The Line Has Been Drawn

So it comes down to this. I draw a line in the sand. You’re either part of the solution, united in this final desperate battle, or you’re off to go somewhere else. Which do you choose? Post a comment if you’d like to join the cause for a friendly and strong community. And start it off right, send friend requests to your brothers in arms that are with us. Even if it’s just a few of us that want to take a stand for our community, we do it together.

United we stand. Divided we fall. Fight back.

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75 Responses to Join the Cause: Fight Back for Podtacular

  1. PoD H3x woof says:

    Signed in blood :)

  2. foomojive says:

    thanks guys for joining the cause. if you have room on your friends list, please send out a few invites to your bros in arms here. let’s all play halo and have a good time! :)

  3. Paranoid Sarge says:

    I am in this Fight! I agree 100% on everything you said. PODTACULAR!!!!!

  4. Spoofmaniac says:

    Top work. I’m all for a new Podtacular.

  5. Babamthegrunt says:

    Give me a nice community, or give me death, or maybe toast

  6. Kickimanjaro says:




    Bullcrap stops here.

  7. yup277 says:

    Count me in too! I’ve been gone for awhile so I don’t really know what has happened, but I am all for the good of Podtacular. I haven’t made many forum posts, or been to many events but i’ve played with quite a number of fellow Podtacularians which is why i’m still here. If Podtacular dissappeared…I think my iPod might become dusty…

  8. ALtheIII says:

    Count Me In. I’m tired of these punks.

  9. noobs are ppl 2 says:

    of course i dont mean foo mo i mean foo as in fool cause thats wat mr.t says sometimes foo mo is cool

  10. ostemb0r says:

    I’ve been away for a few days, wf is going on??

    sign me up

    Podtacular 2008 – get involved!

  11. foomojive says:

    lol i’m only a fool sometimes but i’m a foo all the time!

  12. EUPHORICGORE27 says:

    i am in. sorry i have posted in the past couple of days. i didn’t know it got bad with people whining.

    Also i love Podtacular its one or the first halo based website that i like. And most of the people here i love to play online with when i can.

  13. Luke Gray says:

    I have only been in the commuity for a month and don’t know much about this stuff but i will join in.

  14. Pengwin Smacker says:

    I’m absolutely in. Let’s bring the good Podtacular back guys!!!

  15. SHIZZLE SNIPER says:

    I am absolutley with you! This is podtacular, not a rant forum! If you are that mad about something, I think you should just save it for myspace or something!

  16. SHIZZLE SNIPER says:

    I TOTALLY support you foomo! people need to stop using the forums as rant pages!

  17. TheRussianKoLob says:

    Hell yeah Foo Mo! I am right there with you! I will post this in the Podtacular Marines, and see who is willing to take up this call with us! Ohh Rah!

  18. soulshadow dude says:

    I’ve been here for a little over a year now, and I’m not going to see Potacular fall anytime soon (or at all). Count me in!

  19. MyThIc3LiTe says:

    I’m in, this shit needs to stop. I’ve noticed the increased amount of flaming going on the past few weeks, and its uber ridiculous. People are getting pissed off too easily and it shows when they post. I’ve even avoided posting now; some people are just itchin’ for a bitchin’.

    This never happened before, so why should it start happening now. We need to buck-up, overcome out petty little differences and think of what we are doing to the community. I for one, don’t want to see the community fall because we are treating each other like piles of crap. This needs to stop, and we are the only ones who can get it to stop.

    I am not exactly the perfect forumer either, but I am not a total jackass and I don’t intent on ruining the site or the community.

    P.S. How exactly did all this start? I heard something about Crimson Viper’s ban and stuff; but I have been off for a good month due to exams. Someone mind filling me in?

  20. el_gran_bandido says:

    I’m a long time listener whose never done much in the online community. In fact, pretty much nothing. However, just by listening to the shows, I can tell Podtacular has had a great community, and I’ve much appreciated all that has gone on around here to give it that quality. So, I thought I’d finally log on to do some posting, but what do I see? Foo Mo is rallying the troops to combat those who threaten the community. I don’t like seeing great communities torn apart by hate. Count me in.

    I addition, I have to say this: don’t go crazy with this. We don’t want to be counter-productive. Like Foo Mo said, “Kill ’em with kindness.” Don’t fight fire with fire, fight fire with water.

  21. The Massacrer says:

    With you 100%. Lets do this.

  22. gtr783 says:

    im with you 100%

  23. MasterChefCheif says:

    I haven’t been around the forums latley to here all the “bullcrap” that’s been going on, but I’m with Podtacular all the way. Go Nay Nay!

  24. Arcade Wizard says:

    Well, to be honest I don’t really know what all this is about. I’ve been gone for a few weeks and am relatively unaware of what set this whole thing off. I have noticed less respect for opinions and some very negative attitudes, but I didn’t think it was THIS bad. In the interest of letting this whole thing die down, I won’t ask exactly who or what sparked this whole thing described by CapnCrunk. But I WILL do all I can to keep this community great Foo Mo. I might not be the most active member, but I’ve been a listener since ep.1 and a community member for over two years now. So I’m not about to give up on Podtacular.

  25. Camo_Inf3rno says:

    im in 101%

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