Insane Sniper Kills on MCC


Halo is filled with many moments of awesome kills, both skilled from the pros and the occasionally lucky kills from those not as skilled.  Then there are the ones that are just totally insane that you couldn’t plan even if you tried.  Early this month, a video surfaced by Lawrencce1 on YouTube from a Halo 3 game on Foundry of a snipe that ricocheted three times before connecting with his foe.  Rightly so, it has over a million views.

Not a week later, Jimmy Boswell on YouTube upped the ante with a two-for-one snipe ricocheting 6 times on Haven in Halo 4 connecting with the head of an extremely unfortunate enemy half way across the map.

Now since the MCC is working for more players, we would not be surprised to see more of these kinds of videos with being able to use Upload Studio to create videos from your saved films.  If you have an awesome moment to share, let us know about it in our forums, or share it with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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