Holy Shazbot! Podtacular bought Foo a 360!

I’m still in shock! At the end of episode 87 the guys talk about their conspiracy to go behind my back and pool some money to get me a 360! Read on for more pictures of shock and awe. Thanks so much, guys!!

So this morning my wife tells me I have to listen to this episode before she leaves for the trip. Then she gives me this envelope and grabs the camera. I open it up and I see this strange card…

So I’m checkin it out and opening it up to see what’s written inside. Here’s a closer image of the front, in case you didn’t see it in the little image above (lol!)

So I open it up and out falls a gamestop gift card! And it’s not even my birthday! Holy shnikeys!! It’s $360 toward a 360!! I’m so pumped! I read on…

And I’m beaming with thanks toward all these guys! So I’d like to thank you all one by one: Thank you UPS man, Chevelle65, Stooch, Foo Mo Wife, Dialpex, CapnKrunk, Rist Peblo, JVBizzle, Ju Blaine, Laird, Butt Nacho, Woof1989, Mad Gecko, Immortal Three, GLewis, Gemini Ace, Quality Jeverage, and Megaman Zero! I really, really appreciate it.

As you can see, I’m one happy puppy. So I went and picked up my 360 premium along with GRAW, Dead Rising, and Oblivion. I’ll also pick up UNO. See you guys online!

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64 Responses to Holy Shazbot! Podtacular bought Foo a 360!

  1. Megaman Zero 3 says:

    i hate when that timed out crap……(thats why i gave up texas hold em)

  2. marooner says:

    congrats you deserve it i just wish i had one to…well theres always christmas…

  3. Doctor 120 says:

    congrats man you deserve it! and oblivion is like the best game ever, it will take over your life, lol. congrats again dude. :)

  4. face head says:

    i feel left out of this xbox crave..hmm…

  5. Algebra Cow says:

    Never call xbox customer support they will call back with a stuipid survey.

  6. plasma qrenades says:

    yeah…be sure to get UNO

  7. Lab0mba says:

    The Foo finally got a 360, very shiny.

  8. Reaping Raven says:

    haha! congrats foo! u derserve it!

  9. MasterDeath says:

    Congratulations Foo Mo! Enjoy it, and great game picks. And definitely a big thanks you those who donated, he really deserves it.

  10. pwner of teh noobs says:

    now you just need the kick @$$ face plate thats on the pod art!!!

  11. ROCKETR says:

    That’s awesome!! Congratulations Foo Mo

  12. Gemini Ace says:

    Glad you like it, Foo Mo. It sounds like you already bought Uno. If not, I have a code that I got when I bought my Vision Camera. If you want it, let me know.

    Anyway, this couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

    Make some room on your friends list for me! And lets see your gamercard!

  13. plasma qrenades says:

    Foo Mo, if i had a job…i deffinately would have helped

  14. SgtY0rk says:

    Heh, someone should start an Xbox 360 E-mail Chain Letter like those ones that say “if you reply to this you’ll get a free Dell” OR better yet, a spoof website like http://www.needygamer.com (it’s available). The theme would have to be something like: “For only $360, you too can support a needy gamer with a new 360 console”…Even though I don’t know ya, congrats to you Foo Mo (i’m so jealous!) game on bro!

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