Halofest Has Landed

I made it to Seattle for Halo Fest.  We’ll be tweeting and posting stuff throughout the next three days, so stay tuned.  Also, remember that I will be on the Community Panel at noon, Pacific time.

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3 Responses to Halofest Has Landed

  1. otherZinc says:

    If possible, when interviewing a 343 developer or employee ask:
    1. Will there be a Legendary Edition or a Legendary Edition Halo CE:A Console?

    2. Ask for a Firefight Map, featuring The Flood? You know, Flood Mode.

  2. Dust Storm says:

    I’ll ask them tomorrow. Thanks for the questions.

  3. otherZinc says:

    Thanks. Also, when is the next Podtacular Podcast? I’m about 2 months new to this site & listened to quite a few of the older podtaculars.

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