Halo 4 Screens – Tag Set 1

On episode 351, I mentioned how we were thinking about doing something with screenshots now that the web file share is up and running. I asked people to go out and tag screenshots with “Podtacular” and I’d see what we would get. Well two of you have followed through thus far and for your efforts, they are featured below. One of them was tagged from our Majestic MNM event.

No one will hear you scream.No one will hear you scream.

Space CTFSpace CTF

We’re still trying to figure out what to do with them as far as a series goes. There’s plenty of other sites that do things with screenshots, but if we can find a way to do something different, that would be preferable. If you guys have any ideas what we should do with them, drop us a line in the comments.

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2 Responses to Halo 4 Screens – Tag Set 1

  1. A73L3VEN says:

    It would be interesting if you started a Tag Set with themed pics in mind. Like a visual achievement archive. I started on back in Halo 3 with snip shots on the Hornet pilot. I called it project fly swatter. With tags I had other friends trying for snipe just so they could get a pic of them shooting the pilot out of the Hornet too. It was like setting a goal for them to try in game and posting it like a medal when and if they did get it. You know that they weren’t just setting up the shot too because it shows all the game details in the pic archive.

  2. Gamedude03 says:

    I like that too. I remember Dust talking about doing a feature screenshot on the site. where on the top pic is. once a month could work, so that there wouldn’t be mass chaos over trying to do a weekly thing. I wish there was any way I could help do these things. maybe I’ll learn how to, so I can.

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