Halo 3 coverage from the community

Me and Foo Mo Jive had a chance to meet a lot of members of the Xbox Live community. A few of them have their own podcast and website. I added some of their audio and pics, take a look.

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Audio Download Link: Episode #115 – Halo 3 Midnight Launch Coverage

Where were you on Sept 25th? Halo fans from all over the world waited in line for hours just to be the first gamers to purchase the new Halo 3. In this audio you’ll get to hear our nationwide launch coverage from the following cities: Miami, Seattle, Chicago, Orlando, & LA.

Also check out our exclusive 3hr video from Circuit City in Miami, FL @ GTR Vision. Enjoy!

XBL10kClub Zunecast: Spec. Ed. (Halo 3 Community Lock-in/Seattle launch event)

XBL10kClub Zunecast

Halo 3 Community Lock-in/Seattle launch event

I can’t confirm or deny that I attended the Halo 3 Community Lock-in, but if I did it might have been pretty cool. Don’t miss our coverage of the Halo 3 Community Lock-in at Microsoft’s studio, and Seattle midnight launch event. We have everyones opinion of what they saw first hand on this glorious day. Interviews and cameos with Tony Hynes, Chris Paladino, Nelson Rodriguez, Vicious696, JVB, Foo Mo Jive, AceAttorney, FinsterDexter, Knuckles Dawson, kiki kat, MechAngel, TTL Dweezle, Doodirock, Louis Wu, GalleonEB, Gui J, Blackwolf, BAPenguin, Myles, Steve519, and tons of Halo fanatics.  Bill Gates and the Bungie crew came by to make everyone’s night a little special, and yes the Master Cheif even made an appearence. We get up close and personal with the crowd and community in this Special Edition Zunecast. I was even lucky enough to meet Warren Moon. Come take a days journey with the XBL10kClub. Come hear and feel the madness that is Halo 3!

This Weeks Show: Special Edition: Halo 3 Community Lock-in/Seattle launch event

Download Here File Size: 39.53 MB

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5 Responses to Halo 3 coverage from the community

  1. Painkilla05 says:

    Very cool.

  2. thesilent1 says:

    nice, i had school, i couldn’t go to a midnight release

  3. plasma qrenades says:

    I went to the one at my local wal mart, I love small gaming communities, we were like 5th in line…Only about 35 people came, not much happened though, we didnt even get the dog tags wal mart advertised :(

  4. Dialpex says:

    Good show. I loved the interviews…

    I was at a midnight myself and there were about 100-130 people there and it was amazing just to be there with all of those halo fans. I can’t even begin to imagine how awesome it was to be there with all of those community leaders and members sharing the first greatest halo 3 moments.

  5. RODSMACK 10k says:

    Thanks Foo Mo & JVB for the link. I had a great time out there hanging out with you guys. We definitely got to do some audio JVB. Thanks for the memories and good times.

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