GrifCon 2016 Fully Funded, Partnered with Stream.Me


Thanks to fans everywhere and their support for the sport of the future, GrifballHub’s GrifCon for 2016 has been fully funded, but it’s not just the fans who have a vested interest in the success of Grifball’s presence at RTX this year.  GrifballHub has partnered with Stream.Me as the exclusive streaming service for Grifball during the expo.  Stream.Me is a new streaming service based out of Austin, TX still in beta development.  Along with their contribution to the fundraiser and ongoing support from Halo fans, the Kickstarter project has reached it’s first stretch goal and is close to its second which will introduce shot glasses and water bottles.  The project is still raising funds for RTX, so if you haven’t contributed and would like to help support the Halo community, consider backing the project.

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