Gamertag Radio Achieves The Century Mark

I want to give a special congratulations to the pioneers of ‘Indie Podcast’. Our friends from Gamertag Radio have released their 100th episode.

I remember listening to them from the very beginning. They are the reason why I found Podtacular, so I owe them a lot.

Please read on, and listen to the episode.

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Gamertag Radio finally hits the 100th episode! After 2yrs of podcasting the staff celebrates with this amazing show. We start the show with a blast from the past on how the radio show started. Listen to when the Xbox Community heard Trixie for the first time, Xbox 360 launch with J Allard, Nano uncensored, bloopers, community interviews & much more! Also one of the biggest giveaways in GTR’s history for the fans & 2 exclusive podcast interviews. Enjoy this episode and thanks to everyone that supports the show.

GTR Giveaways Winners (The biggest giveaway ever!!)
-Commander & Conquer 3 (5 copies)
-Capcom Lost Planet (3 copies)

-The Simpsons poster game signed by the Dev team from EA (2 copies)
-Tritton Headsets (2 headsets)

New Exclusive Podcast Interviews
-Sega Rally Revo – New details about the game!
-Penny Arcade – Pax07!

Voicemail Shout Outs
voicemail messages from EA, MS, GTR Fans, other podcasters, community members & more….

GTR Past Shows
Old interviews on this episode. The biggest highlights for GTR…. from J Allard, Peter Moore, De La Soul, Run DMC, KRS ONE, Dawn Wells, movie actor Danny Trejo, MLG, PMS Clan, Dean Takahashi, TeamXbox, Trixie, Major Nelson, MTV True Life, On10 & more…

***Win A Halo 3 Zune by Gamertag Radio***

To celebrate the release of our 100th episode. We are givingaway a free Halo 3 Zune (thanks Microsoft!) to one of our lucky listeners. All you have to do is give us your honest review about Episode #100. Make sure to download & listen to the show before posting. On next week’s show (ep 101) we will be picking a random winner! Good luck!

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6 Responses to Gamertag Radio Achieves The Century Mark

  1. OnlyUPS says:

    Congrats GTR! What a great 100 episodes! Keep ’em coming.

  2. Killazilla says:

    *throws up the horns*


    way to go.

  3. aznmcjr says:

    good job, 100 is very hard to get

  4. Killazilla says:

    omg is that a spartan helmet behind the zune box!?!?!

  5. chuckiej says:

    I’ve been listening in the car. Great to hear all the community people congratulating them.

  6. xxXMr 1997Xxx says:

    Congrats gamertag radio… yaywoohoololrofl.

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