Game Night on Christmas Eve

We want to have a game night on Christmas Eve with you guys to start kicking off what hopefully will be the renewal of community play dates. We’ll be doing an assortment of customs and a little matchmaking mixed in there for about a few hours starting from around 8:00PM to Midnight Eastern Time. If you have any customs you want to play, be sure to bring them or send them to POD Dust Storm on XBL. Spread the word.

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13 Responses to Game Night on Christmas Eve

  1. Kikoroo says:

    I’ll try and make it! I’ll bring some of my awesome customs!

  2. Atomic MLG says:

    what time is that in mountian time, I live in utah (lol)

  3. Carts says:

    Cant make it, visiting.

  4. ODST EJY says:

    I might be a little late, I’ll come up along around 11:30pm.

  5. Giffyboy92 says:

    My whole family comes over christmas eve night…so i cant make it.

  6. St0rmtacular says:

    Sorry but i wont be able to make it because i am visiting family in california.

  7. Kikoroo says:

    Come now, it won’t be nearly as fun if its just me and Dusty!

  8. moose0030 says:

    I should be able to make it. I shall prepare custom games!

  9. St0rmtacular says:

    I asked my parents and i actually might be able to come.

  10. St0rmtacular says:

    Send me a invite whoever wants to play halo reach

  11. kikoroo says:

    I might be about ten minutes late because I have to go over to my neighbors house… Send invite at like 8:15?

  12. Dust Storm says:

    Well, only Anorexic Leader showed up. C’mon guys, is our community really this weak?

  13. Kikoroo says:

    I looked for half an hour to try and find the host buuuuuut………..

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