For Jake’s Sake Charity Halo 3 Tournament

Miss Tique from Team Bombshells told me about a new Halo 3 charity tourney coming up:

We are hosting a charity Halo 3 tournament next week on 12/21 at 7pm EST and continue throughout the night. We have partnered up with UGS, GnG Magazine, Charity Gamers and Gamers United. It will be 4v4, it is a min of $5 per player towards the For Jakes Sake Foundation. The winning team will win 30% of the pot as a thank you for their contributions. So more the money, bigger the pot, and more towards Jake.

Who’s Jake you might ask? At the age of 3 he has Mitochondrial Disorder, and his family are running into a financial hardship to pay for his medical bills. Team Bombshells has teamed up with them to help them raise the awareness of this disorder and to help their son have a normal healthy life. There’s more info at For Jakes Sake to read about what this disorder can do to someone. Register for the tournament here!

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9 Responses to For Jake’s Sake Charity Halo 3 Tournament

  1. Tarheels32 says:

    Great cause, maybe we can get a team together….

  2. GLewis says:

    I second what tarheels has said. I can’t play because i gotta work that night, but I will sponsor someone from podac.

  3. TheRussianKoLob says:

    I would like to play in this and help that kid out. I third what tarheels has said. I don’t exactly understand how to sign up, and will it be over xbox live?

  4. foomojive says:

    More info about the event can be found [url=]here[/url]. There’s also an email address on that page to contact the person running the tournament. And yes, it will take place over Xbox Live.

  5. HaloFreak bunny says:

    I’ve got a nice, long vacation comming up. Perhaps I’ll join the team as well.

  6. Miss Tique says:

    yeah everyone, just check out our website at Team Bombshells and all of the information will be found there under latest news (right below the shout box)
    We would really appreciate it if a lot of people show up because we really want to help this young boy out. Thanks everyone for your time in reading this event! :)

  7. Miss Tique says:

    cool, yeah if you are interested in joining our team just fill out an application on our website under “detonate” tab.

    Is anyone going to attend our charity event this friday?

  8. HaloFreak bunny says:

    detonate? that sounds painful >.<

  9. Miss Tique says:

    well yeah of course…if anyone wants to play against us ;) lol

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