Farewell to Ju Blaine

Back in the day we realized we would need a forum for our fledgeling podcast. Since we didn’t have the spiffy site you see here, we needed a quick fix. So we set up shop as a Bungie.net group. A guy named Ju Blaine approached me saying we should probably have a moderator on the forum. He volunteered to do it because of experience moderating in the past.

Fast forward to today and it’s been over a year since Ju Blaine began his journey as a forum moderator. We’ve come a long way from those humble beginnings and he stuck with us the whole way, helping to make our forums a fun and safe place to hang out. Recently Ju Blaine ran into some life issues that prevent him from being a “mod” at Podtacular.com any more, so he had to step down.

While we do still have plenty of hard-working moderators, we’ll miss Ju a whole bunch. So once again we fire off the solemn 21 BR salute to Podtacular’s original moderator. Best of luck to you buddy, and bon voyage! Naturally this is also a topic in the forums.

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9 Responses to Farewell to Ju Blaine

  1. Rist peblo says:

    See ya man! You’ve been great!

  2. Killimanjaro says:

    Yeah man, we’ll miss you. Hope you can come back sometime!

  3. GLewis says:

    we’ll all miss ya buddy hopefully we’ll get to be with ya in the future. Come around and update us when you can buddy!

  4. T says:

    i hope you can get everything resolved and be back in the future.
    good bye and best of luck to you

  5. Tarheels32 says:

    We love you Ju!!!

  6. aznmcjr says:

    thanks, it will never be the same without you Ju

  7. Ju Blaine says:

    Thanks guys, I have no doubts about Podtacular’s future. You are the best community out there.

  8. Stooch says:

    Thanks for everything man, we’ll all miss you.

  9. Samus 117 says:

    hope we see you soon and that those isues get settled out

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