Fall Tournament Week 1

Okay So, We will be doing a double elimination because there were only so many teams that signed up. There will also be a team with a by this week.


Equinox vs. Team Strik3 Down

Reflex vs. Your Team

Blain and Simple vs. AoR

By: Winged Warriors

EVERYONE SCHEDULE YOUR GAMES and you can try to contact them, here is a link with the teams.

Also, the scores are due the by this Sunday.

If you have questions feel free to ask.

– Jaba

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3 Responses to Fall Tournament Week 1

  1. Sh4d0w says:

    is “Your Team” a team name or what

  2. theDAXman says:

    yes “Your Team ” consistists of, Vote4JR, plasma qrenades, Reaping Raven, Daa Wheeze

  3. Sh4d0w says:

    ok thnx cuz i was thinkin i was in a team and i didnt even kno it

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