Defiant Give-away

We’ve managed to get a batch of Defiant Map Pack codes to give-away on Monday when the maps get released. We have a few ways you can get your hands on one, and you will want your hands on this map pack:

  • Follow Podtacular on Twitter for a chance to answer trivia questions related to Podtacular and Halo.  Announcements when you can win codes will be announced there.
  • Between now and Monday at Noon Eastern, we will take submissions of Score Attack games in Gruntpocalypse and Mythic Attack.  For each of those two gametypes, we will give away a code to the high scorers of each.  Submit a link to the game on B.Net to with the Subject: Defiant Giveaway: <gametype>.  One entry per gamertag.  Multiple entries will void submission.
  • We will also be taking submissions from the Competitive playlist looking for the best kill streaks in multiplayer.  We are looking for both types of kill streaks: multi-kills and killing sprees.  We are looking for the amount and style in which you get them.  Clip your best multi-kill or killing spree and upload it to your fileshare.  Recommend it to me over XBL at POD Dust Storm or send a link to with the Subject: Defiant Giveaway: Kill Streaks.
  • Follow Podtacular on Facebook for any additional codes we may have for missing letter codes.
  • Watch YouTube for a special review of the Defiant Map Pack where, if we have additional codes, will have hidden codes embedded in the video.

Depending on the amount of codes we finally get, we may give codes to runner ups, more twitter trivia, and via the additional options we have listed above.  Twitter codes will be sent out over Twitter Messages and e-mail submissions will be sent over e-mail to the winners.  Good luck to everyone.

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7 Responses to Defiant Give-away

  1. joe says:

    YAY ill send a good vid to you to your xbl gamertag

  2. joe says:

    my gamertag is….. josephtag…….

  3. joe says:

    is getting a few triple kills double kills and 45 kills at the end of the game good?

  4. George Norberg says:

    Is the “One entry per gamertag” for each gametype, or can we only submit one score overall? I would like to submit for both Gruntpocalypse and Mythic Attack, but I’m afraid that might void submission if we are only allowed one entry overall. Thanks.

  5. DaftLink I17 says:

    I feel that a LOT more people would’ve known about this if you’d have made a forum thread and/or put out a new episode and mentioned it there. Basically, there needs to be more immersion between the main page and forums. Perhaps a bar at the top of the forums with articles like this scrolling by or something.
    -DaftLink I17

  6. uhh oh oreo says:

    This wasnt even up for me until just now. What the F!!

  7. Dust Storm says:

    Daft, I don’t post stuff like this on for the forums on purpose. If the forum posters don’t want to look at important stuff on the home page, then they don’t need to know.

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