Community Spotlight: Dialpex

BrentGamer sat down with Dialpex and tried to figure out what he does here, what some of his plans are for the community, and how he got such enormous arms. Read on for the whole interview…

BrentGamer says: Hey Dial, how have your Pecs been lately?

Dialpex says: They have been extremely flexed!!! With all the action going on on the community lately. I’ve been working them out pretty often. Although Painkilla wants to have them. I’m the only one with that kinda of gift. At least at the Weekly Porridge world.

BrentGamer says: What exactly are your duties in the Podtacular Community?

Dialpex says: Hum… My Duties are pretty much a little bit of everything. I’m the man Foo Mo calls upon when he needs extra help with stuff. Since i took on the Admin position ive been doing quite of bit of work on the back stage and helping some members out. I guess im the extra help that Krunk and Foo Mo can use when theyre tied up. I also run the Season Tournaments here in Podtacular, MLG format tournaments that last from 5 to 10 weeks and are based on a point system with play offs and the whole deal. Also, I try to keep my schedule of pwning noobs on my free time.

BrentGamer says: So basically, you’re the guy Foo and Krunk turn to when they’re busy partying? Because everyone knows that Foo and Krunk love to Party.

Dialpex says: Pretty much. When Foo Mo goes to thailand to enjoy the beatiful weather, beaches and places, or Krunk goes to the Bahamas im the one with the slave work. I get paid $1.12 an hour to do everything around here and last time I did something wrong they burned my Halo 2 disk and made me work 5 doubles every week to get it back. But they’re nice people.. Very nice people.

BrentGamer says: How did you come up with the name Dialpex? Did it have anything to do with Hulk Hogan and a payphone?

Dialpex says: Hum.. Dialpex huh… Yeah pretty much.. i guess… Naw just kidding Well My first name is Diego so the DI came from there. my middle name is Alvim so there came the AL and my last name is Peixoto and there came the PEX i just droped the I and kept the PEX for DIALPEX. But the main inspiration was one day when i did see Hulk Hogan breaking a phone booth on someones head during a wrestling match.

BrentGamer says: Talking about breaking things over people’s heads, are you thinking about starting a podcast of your own in the future?

Dialpex says: Hum… I don’t think ill be lauching a podcast of my own. I know that podcasting is great and i discovered that with the oportunities that Foo Mo gave me but I really want to get involved with the Podacular community and make a mark out there with these guys that we have here now. All i want is one day when foo mo sees podtacular again he will remember that there was a guy back then that helped him out and didn’t care for status, money, or recognition, just the love for the game and the community. I do have a project right now with a couple of other members that will be put out on a near future that will also promote the Podtacular community even more and im hoping to get that around and the more people that see it the more responses and members we will try to get.

BrentGamer says: Final Question: Waffles or Pancakes?

Dialpex says: I think I gotta go with Waffles just because its awesome and it makes me think of Terminator Monky.. he offers waffles to everyone that joins podtacular and that’s the spirit that we want to bring to everyone out there. The friendly spirity, the laughs and jokes that everyone loves. But on a personal note I think I do like waffles better cause I can fill up all the little blocks with syrup.. Gotta love that.. lol

Thanks, Brent, for the great interview. And thanks Dial for all you do! -Foo Mo

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17 Responses to Community Spotlight: Dialpex

  1. vote4J.R. says:

    Yeah Dial! Nice job $1.12 an hour? isn’t that illegal?

  2. jburton90 says:

    Great job both of you!

  3. Killazilla says:

    I wish i had pecs like that.

  4. Algebra Cow says:

    W00t go dial

  5. Dialpex says:

    haha I had Fun… Brent is awesome and it was an honnor to be part of this ongrowing project here in podtacular. Go Brent!!! Nice Job!!!

  6. Stooch says:

    lol nice interview Dial. Good job fellas!

  7. TFD says:

    it is illegal minimum wage is like 6 or 7 dollars we can get foo and krunk arrested :D and congrats dial

  8. Jordizzle says:

    Woo woo Dialpex is the ownage.

  9. Painkilla05 says:

    Lol, nice job Brent.

  10. chuckiej says:

    Nice. Hey Dial, you should make up a different story about your name for each time someone asks…

  11. A Oompa Loompah says:

    awesome interview, funny nice job guys!

  12. SwiftFish says:


  13. The Hawk442 says:

    ^ I have to disagree with you on that one….

  14. Dialpex says:

    Chuckie if i got a dollar for every person that asks the meaning of my gamer tag… Id be rich buddy… :p

  15. Elaborate Toast says:

    Wow. People are just posting random comments! Oh crap! Now I’m posting random comments…

  16. ausomadam says:

    pankakes definetly pwn waffles!!!!

  17. scarab_gunner says:

    dailpex iz Asom

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