Arm the Flag 6v6 Tourney (Canceled)

For those looking for some Halo action, the guys over at Arm the Flag is having a 6v6 tourney on December 12th. We are going to enter a team, but we need a few more people to fill out our roster. If you are interested in signing up, go visit our forums. Details about the tourney can be found here. Happy Fragging.

UPDATE: The Tourney has been canceled due to lack of interest. It will be replaced with a clan match instead.

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7 Responses to Arm the Flag 6v6 Tourney (Canceled)

  1. Snipermaster says:

    I think it sounds cool

  2. GLewis says:

    i would love to. Best buy doesn’t think so though.

  3. razza 119 says:

    if any1 wants a team member pm me on xbl my gt is razza 119

  4. Yeah maybe but when? I’ve got a speech meet till 3 pm. Also is it halo2 or 3?

  5. Snipermaster says:

    Halo 3

  6. Amplified-Silence says:

    Are we keeping the same roster we were going to sign up for the tourney with?

  7. Domaku says:

    The times are still gonna be the same right?

    Btw, Glewis what do you mean by Best Buy doesn’t thinks so. Do you work there or something?

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