A tribute to Ciclonic

Back in the day Freak in a Box volunteered to edit audio for Podtacular. Eventually he had to resign. So I ran a competition to see who the next volunteer editor would be. Ciclonic came out on top and started editing our shows every single week. He’s been doing this for quite a long time for no pay, sometimes at the expense of his personal life.

Life finally caught up with Ciclonic and he recently realized that the increasing demands of school were not leaving room for Podtacular editing any more. We’re sad to see him go, but we’d like to extend a 21 BR salute to the man who made the show happen for probably 30+ episodes. This is one talented and dedicated 16 year old! Thanks for all you’ve done, Ciclonic!

For the foreseeable future I’ll be editing the shows myself and trying to post them on the same night we record, with the exception of episode 100. Don’t worry, I don’t suck that bad, I edited episodes 97, 98, and 99 ( <- fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony). Anyway, let’s join in and show our respect for this pillar in the Podtacular community. Post your tribute in the comments!

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15 Responses to A tribute to Ciclonic

  1. CapnKrunk says:

    Editing the show is probably the most unseen and thankless tasks involved, and Ciclonic’s done a fine job every time! Thank you, man!

  2. TunelessGrub1 says:

    Thanks for the great job Ciclonic. You helped pull the show together every week. We will miss you.

  3. jammy12 says:

    I dont think people realise the work that goes on behind the scenes of the show. WE <3 U CICLONIC!

  4. vote4J.R. says:

    CICLONIC! My helmet is off to you! Thank you so much for so many great episodes. I’ll miss you! And I’m sure we all will.

  5. Algebra Cow says:

    I never got to know you man. You did a great job. Sad to see you go

  6. Dust Storm says:

    Wow. I’m sorry to see you go. You did a great job. I know how much effort you do to do something like this and I as well as everyone who listens appreciates the job you did. I never got to know you either, but all of us hope to see you arround. God Speed.

  7. Rist peblo says:

    Ciclonic, I’m really sad to see you go. You did a great job on all these episodes! Really dedicated! Every week! Nice job man, not many people can do that. Your absence will not go unnoticed…

    Thanks Foo Mo for taking up the new task! That’s bascially giving your entire night away to Podtacular… Thanks!

  8. Chevelle65 says:

    Later Ciclonic, thanks for all the hard work!

  9. JVB says:

    Takecare of your schooling. We will be here for you, no matter what. Thank you for the great work.


  10. chuckiej says:

    Awesome work! Take care of yourself and hang out here when you can. Your effort is much appreciated. Thank you!!

  11. ironicpear says:

    Thank you for all the selfless work you have done around in this community. You have really made the shows amazing, and everyone at podtacular couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks again, and good luck in school!


  12. Mentos says:

    Thanks Cyclonic for your hard work

  13. lilkuke says:

    Ciclonic, you are da man! Balancing school and Podtacular, and still doing an awesome job with editing. Thanks for all you do! YOU ROCK!!

  14. Stooch says:

    Sad to see you go buddy. Thanks for all the awesome shows!

    Good luck with everything man.

  15. RandomSunchips says:

    Great job Ciclonic. I still remember the time you bleeped out Larid. It made me laugh a lot. Good job editing and getting the audio to work out. Thanks man.

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