343 Honors a Fellow Spartan’s Loss in Hammer Storm


In honor of the tragedy encountered by one of the Halo community’s most beloved members, Adam aka. thecrzedspartan, 343 has created the Spartans Never Walk Alone pack.  This free REQ pack comes with the Hammer Storm update and features the very first animated emblem, True Light.  In memory of Adam’s loss of his two daughters Trinity and Lena, 343 also embedded their names in the stars on the latest arena map Torque.  Last month, the community came together in a valiant show of support hosting a 24-hour livestream called Halo for Crazed and ended up raising over $28K for Adam’s family.  This is a truly remarkable thing 343 has stepped up to do for the community and it just goes to show that even though they make the game we all love to play, they are just as much a part of the Halo community as we all are.


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