2007 Halo Community Awards – We’re Nominated!

Sigafoos at The Riot podcast let me know that we’re nominated at the 2007 Halo Community Awards for Best Tournament (for the summer tourney), Biggest Community Contributor (Website) and Best Halo Contribution (for the podcast). Head on over and vote for your favorites in the Halo community.

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8 Responses to 2007 Halo Community Awards – We’re Nominated!

  1. Samus 117 says:

    Do you have to give a small sum to enter?

  2. Master_Podtack says:

    woop this podcast is nominated woop! I Gave My Vote To Podtacular! Hope They Win!

  3. kbcmmm7667 says:

    Podtacular FTW!

    Good Luck You Guys!

  4. shotgunfriendly says:

    good luck i voted for you. there are alot of cool things especially that elite costume.

  5. Arbitation says:

    You have my vote, hands down.

    Hope you win!!


  6. Assassin 10k says:


  7. Anorexic Leader says:

    I voted for Podtac in every category it was nominated for….I think it was 3. Good job guys!

  8. Painkilla05 says:

    Woot Sigafoos, woot for me networking in IRC lol.

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