10 ways to get involved and make friends at Podtacular

Want to meet some people and have some fun? Want to make an impact at Podtacular? We’ve got you covered. Here’s 10 ways to join your fellow Halo fans and accomplish something cool in the process. In no particular order:

  1. Make forum signatures and join the Podtacular art community. Learn from some talented digital artists!
  2. Create some new gametypes. for Project Gametype. These guys collect the most interesting, crazy Halo gametypes out there. Add to the mix!
  3. Write a game review. tell others what you think about the games you like and don’t like. Practice and show off your writing skillz!
  4. Play some Rainbow Six Vegas. Join other Podtacular community members in some close quarters SWAT action!
  5. Get into a Podtacular Pro clan. Attend a scouting event and see if you have what it takes to join the pros!
  6. Tighten your Halo skill at the Podtacular Training Camp! These experts are ready and willing to help you stack up the killing sprees.
  7. Read or write some PodFiction. Share your talent for storytelling or just check out other peoples’ work and let them know what you think.
  8. Play some MLG games with the Podtacular MLG crew. These guys love MLG and if you do too, they want to play with you!
  9. Join an organized team: the Podtacular Marines! This crew aims to have top notch communication and teamwork. Join them and find out what an organized team is capable of!
  10. Be a part of episode 100 with these projects aimed at making episode 100 special.
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6 Responses to 10 ways to get involved and make friends at Podtacular

  1. Redotonur4head says:

    Podtacular Marines FTW!

    P.S. I never knew there were so many ways to get invovlved :D.

  2. Killazilla says:

    MLG Crew and the Rainbow Six: Vegas group FTW!

  3. Infektion X says:

    8/10 already!

  4. JVB says:

    Give me some money.

  5. jp_jeremy says:

    i thought you couldnt sign up for the training anymore

  6. Infektion X says:

    you can still attend.

    students can now come and leave at their liking.

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