SUP -VS- BoR :: chevelle65

Team Supremacy -VS- Band of Rejects
POV: chevelle65
MLG Slayer Narrows
Week 2 Match : Game 2 Stats-


– Commentary by paradigmIshift –

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10 Responses to SUP -VS- BoR :: chevelle65

  1. MrPresident says:

    chev you almost shot me twice in a period of 10 seconds. thanks for gettin this uploaded guys but the commentary needs to be louder and actual in game play made softer cause it was really hard to hear paradigm. really appreciate you guys doing this for the community though.

  2. HxFCarnage says:

    very cuu

  3. JW Spiff says:

    great game again team supremacy. chevelle, you totally dominated with that sniper.

  4. KBC says:

    lol He almost shot Prez with the sniper. lol

    Good game Supremacy.

  5. Phish says:

    Good job chevelle with no scope snipe on die lawn while he was going over on the man cannon. Nice commentary paradigm!! Team BoR just picked up a sub right b4 this match, not that it mattered they came to play and we were just not on. Good win Team Supremacy and good map control

  6. Dialpex says:

    Great job Chevy… Amazing snipe over my shoulder there and with a great no scope on the man cannon. Nice Job dude…

  7. Chevelle65 says:

    Team BoR has the most class out of any team I’ve played. There whole team was nothing but the nicest and most stand up guys.

  8. Kiaffex says:

    Haha paradigm sounds so silly!

    Good job Chevelle, that was nasty.

  9. Anorexic Leader says:

    Yea it was hard to hear kinda, but I think Paradigm did a good job of commentating… Nice gameplay by Chevelle! The jump over Dial for the snipe was pretty sweet, and the quick reaction for the mancannon no scope was great. You seemed to get a lot of body shots at first, but your good grenades and long range BR helped you clean up kills nicely. 19-5 was really good chevy! Great games both teams!

  10. MadGecko says:

    To every1 watching the commentary,
    I know it too quiet… from now on the recording process will be done differently…
    Look for something in the very near future, and thanx for the support!

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