Podtacular Rec vs Halo 3 Wheelmen

The Halo 3 Wheelmen are a clan from the Good Game Network and our veteran clan leader JP Oliver took on the large task of planning this event before school started back up for most people. Thankfully, he pulled it off! We had enough players that we could rotate some people in and out but not as many as were expected, based on sign-ups.

In both games, it came down to power weapon and vehicle control, as most Halo 3 matches do. A bubble shield does not a victory make.

First up was Team Slayer on Standoff and the Wheelmen lived up to their name. One warthog and a laser was really all they needed to keep us hiding in the base and quickly killed when we ventured out or spawned outside. H3WM Psyfireman proved his Wheelmanly-ness with a staggering 22 Wheelman medals. Final score: Podtac – 22, H3WM – 50

Next, we played Neutral Assault on Rat’s Nest and our trouble controlling the map and weapons showed again. In a short amount of time, we were overwhelmed. Final score: Podtac – 0, H3WM – 3

These were followed by some mixers where the clans shuffled together and we played odd games like Territories on Guardian. Much fun was had.

We certainly hope to do better in the next match, which should be very soon. Discuss the results in the forums…

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