Podtacular Rec E vs. GCN Forums Clan Match

After being delayed twice and then changing the time enough times to give a calendar a headache, Rec E finally took on the boys over at the GCN forums in a five game series. Podtacular Recreation E started off with a strong showing with a full roster of eight players in the lobby while Gamercast Network had four. Eventually they got six in but couldn’t get the eight they promised so two latecomers had to leave our party. Duff 3c, the GCN team leader talked a big game but unfortunately couldn’t make it since he had to attend the Kane and Lynch community event. He handed over team leader to herroan09, a level 41 who talked an even bigger (but friendly) game on the boards and got the hype up.

Was their play as big as their words? Read on in the forums Big thanks to the GCN forumgoers for some great games.

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