Podtacular All Stars Strike Again

The Podtacular all stars strike again, and this time against the competitive guys over at Outcast Reborn.

A tough set of matches was the battle field for these two competitive groups to claim one winner spot in this challenge.
MaesterGXL has written a detailed write up of the match so go ahead and read on…

Click on the link below to check out the whole write up of the match.

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to play against the clan Outcast Reborn in a 4vs4 match. They are a great group of competitive players that stress Honor, Valor, and Loyalty. You can check out their site HERE.

Representing the All-Stars:


Representing Outcast Reborn:

OcR Ballin
OcR Hurricane
OcR OUPimp
OcR Hunter501
OcR Rhino
OcR Defkism

1st Game- MLG Ball on Guardian
Game Link
Tone: Last second heroics (again!)

This match was probably the hardest oddball game the Allstars have ever had to face. There was no point in the match where either team had a distinct advantage in time. The game basically flowed where one team would get 20-30 seconds, try to setup, and then die, followed by the other team doing the same exact process. It was impossible for either team to get a good setup and control the map and every player was fighting to their fullest the whole match. Just like our first match against the Junkies, this match also came down to the very last seconds. With Podtacular leading near the end of the game, OcR came back and took a 2 second lead with around 15 seconds remaining, the All-stars were able to kill the ball guy and hold the ball for just enough time to regain a 3 second lead with 7 seconds left in the game. We jumped off the map with the ball and it returned to the middle and in a last second dash for the ball by OcR, the allstars were able to stop them and finished the game with a win by 2 seconds.

Podtacular wins 192-190

2nd Game- MLG Flag on Narrows
Game Link
Tone: Get me water!

This game…absolutely has to of been the most strenuous match ever for the Allstars. Typically MLG flag games are supposed to end at the 15 minute mark if one team has the lead, but the game wasn’t ended at that point in this match. This was their pick for the 2nd game which happens to be our normal pick, so instead of subbing out our players we left the original team we made the strategy for this map with. The Allstars started out with a cap not too long into the game, and the scored remained for probably the next 12 minutes. This game basically turned into an endless slayer match, with numerous futile attempts by both teams to try and move the flag. There were several times where both times got the enemy flag to their own side of the map, but with the extremely quick return time in this gametype, it was near impossible to score. Finally under the 10 minute mark the Allstars were able to score their second flag, and after 5 more minutes of slayer the Allstars were able to score the final cap. Amazingly both teams had nearly the same stats player for player, both teams scoring just under 200 kills/deaths, and just over 100 assists. (This video is not in my fileshare because it is such a big file at 15.5mb)

Podtacular wins 3-0

Game 3- MLG TS Construct
Game Link
Tone: Kill for kill

With this being the 3rd game, the Allstars were looking to close the match and guarantee victory. This game we subbed out to bring Blobby and Dialpex onto our roster. Like any typical Construct game, both teams tried desperately to control the top. Neither team was able to lockdown the map and the game became just a kill for kill slayer fest. Neither team had a significant lead throughout the game but OcR was able to pull ahead when it counted.

OcR wins 50-44

Game 4- MLG Hill Pit
Game Link
Tone: Comeback galore

With this being the second pick of OcR, we decided to bring back some players on the roster, bringing in woof for Chevelle. This game was clearly dominated by OcR for the good beginning portion of the game. The Allstars were just lacking the setup,the snipers, and the overshield that were necessary to control the hill effectively. At one point OcR had a 50 point lead with(125-75 seconds), but the Allstars were able to come back and tie the lead. It was back and forth domination of the hill until each team had around 190 seconds, where the Allstars completely took over and were able to finish the game off with a win.

Podtacular wins 250-197

With that, the Allstars were able to seal their victory, in what was supposed to be a best of 5, but ended up only with 4 matches because of time constraints. Every game was definitely a battle and there was no break for anybody at any point. If anybody wants some great competition check these guys out!

If you want to watch the gameplay from games 1,3,4 check out my Fileshare

More discussion on the forums HERE

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13 Responses to Podtacular All Stars Strike Again

  1. JIM818 says:

    congrats to another win; hope this will hold on ;)

  2. chuckiej says:

    WOOHOO! Go All Stars!

  3. azn_dude1 says:

    hey congrats to podtacular all stars! and the supportive community! w00t w00t! that 1st game was really close. i should dl that onto my fs.

  4. Tapio says:

    I have played with Chevelle and Maester few times.
    These dudes really know how to play this game

  5. defkism says:

    good games guyss. a rematch will be in the works. but time wasnt the issue. isnt best of 5, best of 5. If you won 3 thats clearly the best of five good games guys. make sure to give us a shout out on your next podcast!

  6. PoD H3x woof says:

    defkism we usually play all 5 games, whatever the outcome!

    Good games guys!

  7. Excardon says:

    Good job again guys! We actually are playing OCR tonight. Looks like I’ll have to take a gander at the old fileshare.

  8. lazr shoopdwoop says:

    great job guys, hope to play a custom with you guys and miiike. By the way? Why wasn’t miiik playin I thought he was amazing like maestr.

  9. MaesterGXL says:

    mike isn’t an allstar (at least not now)

  10. JW Spiff says:

    Great Job on the win all stars!

  11. Tarheels32 says:

    Maester isn’t great. Trust me.

  12. lazr shoopdwoop says:

    I sry…

  13. rtg xxshadowxx says:

    i sent in a friend request a long time ago and its still pending what gives?

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