Podtacular All Stars Beats The Lamb Clan

That’s right guys… The All Stars are back on their feet. After their loss to Halo Junk, they have picked the goove back up by beating the Lamb Clan on this great series of matches.

Thanks a lot to all the all stars that showed up and also thanks Lamb Clan for the oportunity to play you guys and have fun. We had a great time and we hope to see you guys again on a near future.
Check our Forums for a special write up made by Dialpex.

Also the all stars also started their journey at Clantacular by beating the hosting team on friday night. So if you’re an all stars and you haven’t yet signed up at clantacular.com go ahead and do so.

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5 Responses to Podtacular All Stars Beats The Lamb Clan

  1. SpartanXXX says:

    Yay good job guys.

  2. hanj says:

    Nice job guys….now get your winning streak back :)

  3. meean Luc says:

    Good job all-stars wOOt

  4. A Oompa Loompah says:

    woot woot, awesome job guys!

  5. whatzupwithtah says:
    see if i could play last night we would have either been closer or lost even worse than we did. so maybe it was good that i couldnt make it. and i agree with onekelly. were having a rematch with your Rec players. lol

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