Podtacular All-Stars beat Winged Warriors

The All-Stars continue their undefeated streak of friendly challenge matches with their latest victory against the Winged Warriors. Looks like it was pretty much a shutout according to MaesterGXL‘s excellent review. Thanks guys for a great match! By the way they have a pretty nice site, you might want to check it out. “They wrote an in-depth review” over there too, so you can check out the match from their perspective.

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6 Responses to Podtacular All-Stars beat Winged Warriors

  1. QualityJeverage says:

    W00t loops!

    Go All-stars!

  2. UPS man 23 says:

    wow 2nd! lol you allstars are grrrrrrrrrrreat!

  3. UPS man 23 says:

    why isnt my post showing up???

  4. meean Luc says:

    Congrats! another win for the all-stars

  5. ausomadam says:

    yeah go all stars!!

  6. Night Rider 7 says:

    The All Stars brought their a-game, and we felt it. I hope to be able to rematch the team soon.

    Also check out the in-depth review over at our website as mentioned in the post. The link is currently http://www.wingrunner.net/clanmatch_11.html , but it will soon be changed to http://www.wingrunner.net/clanmatch_13.html .


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